Digital Resource

The interactive digital resource is a central part of this project. It will consist of around 750 interconnected entries on people, events, organisations and places, to demonstrate the long and embedded presence of South Asians in Britain.

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Two ayahs with children in their care on Great Western Road, Glasgow (1925)


The project will absorb and expand the online database ‘Making Britain: Visions of Home and Abroad (1970-1950)’, by adding new entries that extend the period of research back to 1830 and up to the present day. These entries will be informed by archival research which is taking place across the four nations of the UK, and linked to new oral history interviews with members of British South Asian communities. This new research will highlight the organisations and events British South Asians were involved in, the people they encountered and the places where they lived, worked and gathered.

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Salesmen and customers in a London textile shop (1955)


The relationship between the entries will be visualised, to highlight the networked presence of South Asians in Britain. In addition, the entries will be linked to newly digitised sources, such as images, archival extracts and sound snippets.